Small Group

The following attachments are lessons delivered in a small group setting (the PDF versions do not have citations or notes, for citations please see the PPT).

The Absurdity of Life (Ecc. 3.16-4.3)

A Christian Theory of Everything

The Darkest Night: Purging the Soul (Ps. 42)

The Doctrine of God (Theology Proper)

God as the Intelligent Designer: A Scientific Look at Psalm 139

God’s Experience With Humanity and Cognitive Change

The Hiddenness of God (Ps. 10)

Hypostatic Union

Image of the Invisible God (Col. 1.15-17)

Kierkegaard’s Agapeistic Ethics (1 Pt. 4.8)

The Language of God: God’s Word (Is. 55.11)

Natural Revelation and the Glory of God (Rom. 1.19-20)

The New Creation Part 1:  Why Two Creations? (Rom. 8.18-25)

The New Creation Part 2: Why is it Better? (8.18-25)

Obedience:  A Call to be Holy (2 Chron. 34.14-33)

Problem of Miracles

Religious Experience (1 Jn. 5.5-12)

Renewing the Mind (Rom. 12.2)

Taking Comfort in the Wrath of God: A Walk Through the Book of Nahum


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