Why I’m a Christian: Nick Peters

by Max Andrews

I grew up in a small town in Tennessee and went to church regularly with my parents. At the age of 11, I gave my life to Christ and my faith was always an integral part of my life. I was a unique child as at an early age I was diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum having Asperger’s. This caused me however to have a difficult time socially and was usually to myself a lot of times. I would not even spend much time with my family as I wanted to avoid such situations.

When I was in High School, I started suffering from panic attacks and depression. That started me on a long quest to see what my life really meant. The one area of interest I really had when I graduated from High School was the Bible and I went to Bible College with that. Already, I had been doing online evangelism as the internet had been for me, like it has been for many on the spectrum, a way to improve my social skills.

Early in Bible College, I found out about apologetics for the first time. Immediately, I was hooked and would regularly come home from the bookstore with several books I’d bought. This was when my own depression and anxiety began to dissipate. I began engaging with atheists online. At first, I would regularly encounter objections I could not answer, but that would only drive me to further study. I have lately started making more in-roads into the apologetics community and establishing myself.

After years of study, I say that I am a Christian because the evidence is just overwhelming for me. The Christian worldview explains the major questions of life. I find the evidence to be sufficient to make the case. I find that the ethics of Christianity that is rooted on its claims in history and metaphysics provide great joy to life and show me how it is I am supposed to live. I find the beauty of the Christian view of reality to be exquisite and I find other explanations for existence to be incredibly lacking.

My study has never ceased and never will as I am sure even in eternity I will be learning more and more about my God. My social skills have improved so much so that I have lived away from my hometown while studying at Seminary. When I came back, I did not come back alone. I came back with my now wife of nearly 2 years who is also diagnosed with Asperger’s. I write regularly at http://deeperwaters.wordpress.com. I’m also the social media and communications expert for Ratio Christi, plus I do have some books in mind I plan to write as well as further plans for my education.

The future looks good and I look forward to where I will go in my following the Christ who has shown Himself to be true.

In Christ,

Nick Peters

*For more on how to share your story please visit Tell Us Why You’re a Christian.


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