I am  a husband and a philosophy graduate student.  My graduate research is in philosophy of science and religion.  My thesis is on the fine-tuning argument from cosmology and physics and how the multiverse actually makes the argument stronger.  Following my graduate work I plan on pursuing my Ph.D. in the Philosophy of Science: Physics with aspirations of attaining a professorship at a university.


  • Master of Arts in Philosophical Studies:  Philosophy of Religion (2012)
  • Bachelor of Science in Religion:  Biblical Studies (2010)

Published Work

  • Max L. E. Andrews. Review of  Salvation and Sovereignty:  A Molinist Approach by Kenneth Keathley. Midwestern Journal of Theology 9 no. 2 (Spring 2011):  215-217.

Professional & Ministry Experience

  • Philosophy Graduate Student Assistant (August 2010 – Present)
  • Resident Assistant (August 2009 – May 2011)
  • Missions Director for a Chiapas, Mexico Mission (Spring 2009)
  • Spiritual Life Director (August 2008 – May 2009)

Professional Societies & Seminars/Conferences Attended

  • The Discovery Institute’s Seminar on Intelligent Design and the Social Sciences (Seattle, WA 2010)
  • Evangelical Philosophical Society, Student Member (2008 – Present)
  • National Youth Leadership Forum on Defense, Intelligence, and Diplomacy (Washington, DC 2005)
  • American Legion Boys State of Virginia, Lieutenant Governor (Lynchburg, VA 2004)

Contact Information

  • maxeoa<at>gmail<dot>com


  • This blog and portfolio does not purport to express in any way the opinions of any associated entitites.

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