You Are Not Alone (YANA): An Organization to Help the Hurting

by Max Andrews

One of my friends recently founded an organization that I believe is a powerful witness to the hope that we have within us for the hurting.  Here’s a little bit about the organization.

You Are Not Alone, or YANA, was founded in late March 2012 as a result of the eyes of two college students being opened to the reality of domestic abuse.  Charlie Evans and Austin Rahn found themselves in a heartfelt discussion about the friends and family they know who have dealt with abuse, and decided it was time someone did something about it.  Literally overnight, YANA was born.  The two immediately began to put together a Facebook page, Twitter account, YouTube video, etc. in accordance with their slogan, “Speak Up, Speak Out, Speak Now.”  In less than two days the Facebook page had over 100 fans.   

YANA’s mission is simple: to help victims of domestic abuse.  The founders are currently in the process of building a team that will include pastors, counselors, mentors, and supporters for these victims.  The ultimate goal is to show abuse victims that they are not alone in their struggle.  There are people who will genuinely love these hurting victims.  If any abused person needs support in going to the authorities, YANA plans to accommodate that need.  If a person has dealt with abusive relationships, YANA wants to set them up with a pastor or counselor who will encourage and love them.

YANA has the potential to become a nationally recognized organization that can help the shockingly high volume of abuse victims in the United States.  Another goal of the organization is to become a known label, in a fashion similar to that of To Write Love On Her Arms.  Through viral social media and a recognized brand, YANA can and will become a powerful movement that has the capability to help anyone who seeks support.  You Are Not Alone will soon be a national wake up call.

I encourage you to pray for YANA and those who will be impacted by their ministry.  Please go to their Facebook page, like it, and share it with others!  Also, please follow them on Twitter: @knowYANA.


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