Why I’m a Christian: Kevin

by Max Andrews

I departed from Christianity as an act of rebellion from the cold religion that my parents raised me in. I was blinded, most likely by my ambitions, to the rich, colorful, robust Christianity that laid in wait for me.

I went to a secular State college and Jesus found me. Woke me up with reason and thoughtful reflection from the slumber my mind was in. It was by reason (and the Holy Spirit’s leading) that I became a Christian.

Why do I stay a Christian?

Experience, Reason, the Universe.

The first three, despite their short comings, tell of the Glory of the Lord. They tell of his love, mercy and Grace,

They tell, each in their own ways, of his existence in a way that denying his existence does not make sense. 

The final reason; Jesus.

His very historical existence begs of me to come and explore him. To prod with questions like doubting Thomas, and like Thomas he will answer our doubts. He will (and has in my life) prove himself faithful for the exploration. He has shown me the mercy, love and redemption that God begs us to taste.

Jesus, God incarnate, is why I stay a Christian.

*For more on how to share your story please visit Tell Us Why You’re a Christian.


One Comment to “Why I’m a Christian: Kevin”

  1. Thank you. What a wonderful series of posts this has been!

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