Why I’m a Christian: Juan

by Max Andrews

I am a Christian because I didn’t choose God, rather He chose me.

I was 18 years old in college. After experiencing the human condition; the lack of love, care, charity and the abundance of pain and suffering in the world and in myself. I realized that although I had a very good life, I was loved and cared for, and suffered comparatively to others very little; my own struggles always took precedence over others and realized that even when I did something good it was often with selfish reasons (It felt good or I will be liked). I looked in the mirror attached to my combination dresser/desk of my small dorm and wondered, why are we the way we are? It was then that I realized that there was something intrinsically wrong with all of us.

In my search for answers; I engulfed myself in searching for that silver bullet that could explain this predicament. It wasn’t until my second year in college that I really started to get depressed over this seemingly unattainable goal; I saw no explanation in sight. Until one night as I cried on my mother’s lap and she asked me what was wrong. I asked her in the hopes that maybe she knew the answer but she didn’t. Instead she took me to an elderly ladies home, someone she had known for years but never talked about. As I walked into her home, she smiled and said “I have been waiting for you!” It was surreal, kind of like I was walking into the Oracles apartment and I was Neo (Just a Metaphor of course). I didn’t say a word, she would just place her hand on my forehead and start to pray in a language that was unfamiliar to me, as I sat there in the darkness of my own closed eyes, in an instant everything turned bright white and instantly there was this awareness of the One who had the answer, not the person praying for me, but the One who had lifted my soul to a joyous height I had never known. Instantly I felt so unworthy of such holiness before me, of such grace of such love and I didn’t even know the whole truth yet.

She then proceeded to tell me about God and led me to His word. The bible explained that there was indeed something intrinsically wrong with all of us (sin) and well you know the rest. I came to know repentance and Gods saving grace through the God sacrifice that was Jesus only moments after this experience and fully took advantage of that opportunity. This truth becomes clearer every day as I read and study the Scriptures. Only by His grace I’m I saved, I had no part in it, except for (If it could be considered my doing) not rejecting that experience and the knowledge that came quickly after.

I am a Christian because my experience and the Bible were not contradictory.

Some years later I started to doubt this God, the raise of the atheistic voice was pounding loudly in my ear and I started to question this experience at the suggestion of other  Christians as well, who denounced such experiences were possible and labeled it as emotional, and or unbiblical. So once again I questioned. Was all my trust in God based on that one experience, and if it was and it was unbiblical then how can I believe the bible and my experience at the same time to be true. So either my experience was wrong or the bible was wrong. I did not want to believe in the wrong thing regardless of my experience, I hoped that my experience and the source of my knowledge would not be contradictory, since if they were then I’d be in confusion all over again, but I was willing to be in that position again for the sake of Truth. I started once again to search for answers and it was fairly quickly that I realized that my experience was not very different from that of Isaiah, Jonas, Jeremiah, Peter, Paul (Although I do not dare to put myself as an equal in calling or being to these men). It was clear to me that all through out the bible people have had genuine experiences/encounters with God.

So then I thought, if I am consistently going to the bible for answers I better be sure that it’s reliable enough for me to do so.

I am a Christian because I am convinced that the Bible is as reliable if not more reliable than any other ancient historical document we have today. Because of this I am also convinced that Christ was who He said He was.

Of course this took a little longer but there were so many resources and so many authors, after reading and watching what seemed to be endless debates, videos and books from both theist and atheist, on the existence of God, the reliability of the bible, the claims of Jesus, archeological findings, geographical accuracies etc. Others have expounded on these topics much more than I could ever do in this post, but I came to the conclusion that there just isn’t a strong enough argument for me to believe otherwise, not enough evidence to prove that my experience with God was illogical or unreasonable or unbiblical or that the bible is an untrustworthy document written by undirected primitive men without any understanding. Therefore; I don’t consider myself one whose beliefs depend on one single experience, revelation alone, or blind faith rather one whose experience and search for knowledge has led him to believe in the God of the bible.

I am a Christian because beyond my personal experience with God, there is abundant evidence of His existence, in all of the major sciences.

I am not a chemist, a physicist, a theoretical physicist, a biologist, an astronomer, a philosopher or a mathematician but I am an Internal Auditor of Information Systems :o) I am trained in finding facts and formulating well founded problems on properly interpreted facts, I am not an idiot. I am a logical, rational, thinking human being that is able interpret facts and evidence and is willing to concede when my interpretations are completely incorrect. It seems to me that even the most intelligent scientific minds of our time did not discard the existence of God. On the contrary most will concede to the idea of “An Unknown Cause” at the very least. Some even a “Creator” however impersonal he may be. Even the best attempts to explain away God in the sciences falls short of all evidence as well (Naturalist explanations of how morality came to be, i.e. Sam Harris).

Lastly I am a Christian because the Gospel provides me with a coherent worldview that misses nothing in terms of meaning (not just cosmic meaning but, current temporal meaning regardless of its cosmic ultimate implications for loves sake alone), being and purpose.

*For more on how to share your story please visit Tell Us Why You’re a Christian.


4 Comments to “Why I’m a Christian: Juan”

  1. Great story! Thanks for reminding us of the scientific evidences of God’s existence. Creationism was one of the things that kept me from faith in God’s Word until I realized you didn’t have to believe in a young earth to be a Christian. The study of ID helped strengthen my faith. (I had a similar problem with dispensationalism until I discovered covenant theology.)

  2. awesome.!!!

    add this too.

    “I am a Christian because Jesus died for me”

    – grace and peace

  3. Thank you… I hope it can help others, that is all.

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