Student Testimonial on Philosophy and the VT Debate

by Max Andrews

Last night, the day after my VT debate on the existence of God, I received an email from one of the students in the Intro. to Philosophy course I assist teaching.  I was very encouraged by this email.  The email was addressed to me and the professor I work for. (Used with permission from the student).

Dear sirs,

I just wanted to express my gratitude to you for teaching our Philosophy class. It is such an enormous blessing to be learning this subject from a Christian perspective. As I do the assigned homework, I realize that there are many others elsewhere that are required to naively or perhaps unwillingly read many things averse to the theistic belief. Especially after hearing the “God Debate” at Virginia Tech, I am so excited to be at Liberty where I am learning how to defend my beliefs. It was an honour to hear Max present such a clear, well-reasoned case.
Blessings to you both!

I was so encouraged to read this!  Most of my emails from students concern class logistics (i.e. reading assignments, getting locked out of an online quiz, attendance, etc.).  I love getting emails with substantive questions and those such as this.  The reason why this is so encouraging is that this is a reminder that there are students who genuinely care about philosophy and its relation to their faith.  There were a total of 38 out of 191 students from this class I teach that came to the debate.  Granted, if they came they didn’t have to do their next paper but their support was much-needed and appreciated (especially since VT is an hour and forty-five minutes away).  There were also several other Liberty and philosophy students from other classes that managed to attend as well as one Liberty philosophy professor.


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