Upcoming VA Tech Debate on the Existence of God

by Max Andrews

Last Monday I had sent an email to Gary Habermas asking him about this paper I read and I wanted to know what he thought.  He responded with his comments and then asked if I wanted to participate in a debate at VA Tech on the existence of God.  As the week unfolded it turned out that only one theist from Tech was willing to go up against the atheists. It’s a two on two format.  The topic of the debate is “Does God probably exist or not?”  My debate partner is an undergraduate in International Relations and the two atheists are PhD Physics students.  I’m not very concerned about this because this is a philosophy debate.  The question of whether or not God exists is a metaphysical question. The format has been recently said to be a fifteen minutes presentations by each person followed by a twenty-five minutes cross-examination and a Q&A with the audience afterwards.  It’s supposed to be a coin-flip to see who goes first but I’ve suggested that the affirmative go first (us).  That’s the traditional format of any American/academic debate.  The time varies depending on the debate but affirmative always goes first, so I hope that follows suit.  I also requested twenty minutes instead of fifteen so that we can present a robust cause for theism.  Fifteen minutes are a very narrow time frame to make the case needed for the debate.

I ask that you saturate me, my debate partner, the two atheists, and the audience is prayer.  For us, the theists, that will appropriately defend the truth and that our minds will be sharp, quick, and clear.  For the atheists, that they will seriously consider and reflect upon our arguments.  It’s not my expectation that this will have an immediate impact on them but that this could be a seed waiting to be sown.  For the audience, that they will be open and interested and for anyone truly seeking the truth of theism and Christianity that they will be drawn to it.

For anyone in the Blacksburg, Roanoke, and Lynchburg area please come to the event.  It will be held in the Colonial Hall auditorium at VA Tech March 21 from 7-9pm.  I’ll be posting my arguments after the debate here on the blog.


6 Responses to “Upcoming VA Tech Debate on the Existence of God”

  1. This is going to be awesome Max! You’ll be in your element up there, I’m excited for you!

  2. Where do you live? What school do you go to?

  3. I went to this last night. I thought it was really cool. God has really blessed you with some great wisdom, thanks for coming out


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