The Planck Scale Physics

by Max Andrews

In the system of Planck units, the Planck base unit of length is known simply as the Planck length, the base unit of time is the Planck time, and so on.  These units are derived from the five dimensional universal physical constants in such a manner that these constants are eliminated from fundamental equations of physical law when physical quantities are expressed in terms of Planck units.

Planck Length: 1.616252(81) 10-35 m

Planck Mass: 2.17644(11) 10-8 kg

Planck Time:  5.39124(27) 10-44 s

Planck Charge: 1.875545870(47) 10-18 C

Planck Temperature: 1.416785(71) 1032 K

Information from Bruce Gordon’s lecture “Relativity Theory and the Nature of Time.”


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