100,000th Visitor to the Blog Wins a Free Book

by Max Andrews

The blog has recently passed over 50,000 views and increases by thousands in less than a week.  The 100,00th visitor will receive a free book from I will send to their house.  You’ll have the option of a theology, philosophy, or science book (actual options soon to come). If you already possess the books I’ll list then you can certainly pick a book within a reasonable price range and I’ll order it for you.

In order to win you must take a screenshot of your computer screen that includes the date and time and the 100,000th visitor stat midway down the right side of the screen of the blog.

In the comment section please list any books you’d be interested in me offering for the prize.


2 Comments to “100,000th Visitor to the Blog Wins a Free Book”

  1. How about a free copy of your first book?

  2. I will supply you with a few titles. I think I can be a resource for books!

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