Spiritual Failure

by Max Andrews

The following is a lesson I presented during a Bible study group based on Col. 3 and Micah 7.7-9.

Question:  How many of you ever wanted to change the world?

A loss of motivation often comes from a spiritual failure

  • A sense of unworthiness and guilt clouds our goals

We know how to avoid spiritual failure

  • Accountability
  • Discipline
  • Fellowship
  • Prayer

The biggest problem isn’t (although, they are still are problems)

  • A lack of interpersonal love
  • Sexual addictions
  • Second thoughts on relationships
  • Mental thoughts
  • Social behavior
  • Doubt

Rom. 7.19

  • The biggest problem is that Satan/demons will use your guilt of all those failures to strip you of your once radical dream and put in its place a life that is the “American Dream”
  • I don’t want you to waste your life, because of what you did last night
  • This morning, Satan said to you because of your failure, “You’re a loser, you’ll never have a dream, you’re passion is totally over your head. “
  • What do you do at 9am about the 2am sins?
  • How should we deal with the guilt of spiritual failure?
  • Theology can overcome biology

Col. 3 (backdrop of Col. 1-3 is the wrath of God—Col. 3.6)

  • God interposes His own Son to shield us from His own wrath

Col. 2.13-14

  • There is a record of everything we have done
  • It has been nailed to the cross
  • God took the warrant for you because of your sins and nailed it to the cross
  • There’s a name for it:  Substitutionary atonement
  • Rom 8.3

Col. 2.15

  • How does the triumph over the devil connect to v13 and v14?
  • Surely we know that he is alive and seeking those whom he may devour (1 Pt. 5.8)
  • The devil has many weapons, he can taunt you, tempt you, cause you to do many things, but… he cannot damn you
    • Only one thing sends people to hell—unforgiven sin
    • He cannot take that away from those who trust in Jesus

This is not a license to go on sinning—Rom. 6—if you do, you see no value or preciousness in Jesus Christ

The Bible knows about you, Rom. 3.8—“their condemnation is just”

Faith is not a performance

Faith is not improving upon what Christ accomplished

Faith is a seeing it, being stunned by it, counting it as infinitely precious, and welcoming it as the treasure of your life!

When faith sees glory in the cross, faith becomes a fighter

God requires two things of us, that our sins be punished and that we be righteous

  • We fail at both of these
  • Imputation
  • Propitiation

“I know a PhD in theology who had an affair with the secretary”

  • So much for all-conquering theology!
  • This is not replacing theology with the passion for Jesus
  • The mind and spirit were created to be packed with the knowledge of God!
  • Too long it has been preferred theology to passion or passion to theology
  • Let us sing and jump up and down, but don’t teach us anything!
  • Or, teach us something, but we’re not jumping if it costs us a million dollars!
  • Don’t let your head be packed with stupid ideas in it
    • Hos. 4.6 “For the people are destroyed from a lack of knowledge”
    • How can give a rip about theology and think that your tree of faith is going to have any fiber when trials come?  Your tree is going to fall flat!
    • The Bible wasn’t written to be misunderstood
    • The Bible wasn’t written to get a buzzed feel good feeling
    • It was written to be followed clause by clause, phrase by phrase

Micah 7.7-9

Speak this into the face of your sin!

Of course I’m sitting in darkness, you think that’s news to me?  I feel rotten Satan!  I AM guilty!  But that is not all that’s true about me my enemy… that’s not all that’s true about my God…

If that light seems dim, you’re not going to help me doubt that it’s there

V9 Yes, this is true, I am bearing the indignation of the Lord, that’s not news to me.  God is mad at me!

This is a fatherly, disciplinary anger, not a damning anger

But there those truths stop!  He will plead my cause!  Satan, my sin, if you think you can make merry over sin—think again!

Guilt is to the mind like pain is to the body

Guilt is good!  Own it

Don’t Waste Your Life!


2 Comments to “Spiritual Failure”

  1. This sounds quite Piperish. Nevertheless, good post!

  2. So if I don’t. follow the Bible word for word, accept Jesus as my personal and only Savior, and believe that by doing so, I have a guarantee to go to heaven, then I have failed? Does God love me unconditionally ? And if so, why does hell have to be used as a threat to follow a rigid set of doctrine?

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