The Timeline of Creation

by Max Andrews

The following is a timeline for creation laying out the distinct and important moments from a scientific and biblical perspective.  For more of my posts on creation please see:

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Time From Creation Event


0 moment of creation (some kind of singularity)
0 to 10-43 seconds release of space curvature
10-43 seconds loss of dimensions
10-43 seconds superforce separates into gravity and the strong electroweak force
10-35 seconds strong electroweak separates into the strong and electroweak forces
10-35 seconds photons and leptons appear
10-11 seconds electroweak force separates into the weak and electromagnetic forces
10-10 seconds quarks appear
10-5 to 10-4 seconds baryons and anti-baryons appear
0.001 seconds annihilation of anti-matter occurs
3 minutes nuclei appear
300,000 years atoms appear; light separates from darkness (outer space becomes black)
365 million years first stars form
500 million years first galaxies appear
2 billion years all manner of quasars and galaxies appear
9 billion years solar system appears
10 billion years life created on Earth
13 billion years creation of dozens of new phyla (Cambrian explosion)
13.5 billion years creation of dinosaurs
13.73 billion years creation of man
13.73 billion years the present

*This material belongs to Reasons to Believe at  This is a reblogging from RTB.


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