What You Need to Know if You’re Called to Ministry

by Max Andrews

Starts in your heart! (I Tim. 3:1)

  • You seek it—God’s choosing

Skills are placed within you (II Tim. 1:6; I Pet. 4:10-11)

  • You are shaped to do it—God’s constructing

Shown to others ( II Tim. 1:6)

  • Others see it—God’s confirming

Situations bring it to pass (Acts 9; 16:1-4)

  • God’s sovereignty designs it—God’s circumstances

Now, concerning you’re roll in God’s calling:

  • Crave nothing but ministry
  • Ability to do the specific ministry
  • Lifestyle exemplifies a godly ministry
  • Leadership verifies your calling to ministry

Concerning God’s role in your calling:

  • Prepares you by exposing you to ministry and in ministry
  • Proves you by examining you for ministry and in ministry
  • Provides you by equipping you to do ministry

How can I prepare for ministry right now?

  • Put yourself in the position of personal growth
  • Be involved where you are
  • Develop relationships with godly adults
  • Take advantage of ministry opportunities

Senior Pastoral Ministry Distinctive

  • This ministry wins the “popularity contest”
  • This is the most scrutinized and criticized ministry
  • Freedom/Christian liberty is limited the higher you go in leadership
  • The pastor is always “on the clock”
  • People will not easily forgive you if you neglect to make it to the hospital, officiate children’s weddings/funerals—even if you are the best preacher
  • People look at this ministry alone and assume the rest of the ministries are similar in nature
  • A pastor must absolutely be able to teach the Word
  • Inherent in this ministry are the pressures of being spiritually and practically responsible for all local church ministries
  • When trouble comes, the congregation will go straight to the top for answers
  • It is OK to desire the office of a Bishop/Pastor
  • Qualifications of a Pastor are found in I Timothy 3 and Titus 1
  • James 3:1 teaches that teachers are at a higher standard
  • A pastor should be able to stand up and say, “Follow me as I follow Christ
  • It is incumbent upon the pastor to live an exemplary life and offer himself as an example of spiritual purity
  • A senior pastor should be pastored by his pastors
  • A pastor should find the best, safest haven’t to vent his feelings of joy or frustration in a fellow pastor
  • Should the pastor ever be questioned as to the decisions he makes? Yes.  A spirit-filled man should not mind being open to scrutiny.
  • Our tone in question the pastor should be one that gives him the benefit of the doubt.  The main goal for questioning should be for the purpose of gaining clarity as to the particulars of the vision.  A pastor should welcome constructive criticism.

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