Biblical Principles for Purity in Ministry

by Max Andrews

Purity in Ministry:  Biblical Principles

  • Leaders are held to a higher standard (James 3:1)
    • I Tim 4.12- youth (thirty something)
    • II Tim- youth (teenage)
    • Ecc. 8.11- why we still sin (because He doesn’t drop the hammer doesn’t mean He won’t)
    • Eph. 4:17
  • Process of Church discipline—Matt. 18.15-17 (transcending fifth step of judgment on a leader) –group rebuke to safeguard your own self—vv18-20 (controversial) God confirms His support of spiritual Church Leaders who make difficult spiritual decisions!
  • Restoration to God
  • Restoration to Family
  • Restoration to Local Church
  • Restoration (position?) (Treat as unbeliever until repentance)
    • One on one
    • Two on one
    • Leadership of the church
    • Church body
      • Transcendent fifth step for those in ministry
  • I Tim. 5:19- Give the benefit of the doubt to the Pastor (The transcending fifth step is a public rebuke
  • Instructions to the leadership who have to implement this discipline (I Tim. 5:21-23)


  • I Corinthians 5:1
    • Even the world judges and would find guilty
    • V1 it’s not the environment that makes spirituality, it’s the heart
    • He fell into the sin in the environment!
    • V2 arrogance and boasting
    • V7 purge it out!
  • II Cor. 2:6
    • The man repented (do not forgive prior to repentance)
    • V7 forgive (to grant peace), comfort (literally a hug), reaffirm love (it’s not forgive and forget, you will not bring it to charge)
    • V8 verbal encouragement
    • V11 Satan would have an advantage (foothold) by not forgiving and restoring, Satan gains advantage
  • 7:6-10
    • It was necessary
  • Gal. 6:1
    • Proper restoration occurs in the Body of Christ
      • Qualifications for accountability—spiritual, not just saved
        • Spiritual person will be temped with:
          • Tempted to be too angry
          • Tempted to feel holier than thou
          • Tempted to do the same sin
      • Restoration:  Gr.  Katartidzo (to set [like a broken bone])

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