Dear Cancer…

by Max Andrews

Dear Cancer,

You’re world famous now. I hope you’re happy. You’ve done everything you could’ve ever dreamed of doing. Your name is known in almost every home in the world. You’re probably more known than Jesus Christ himself. I just wanted to let you know I’m getting a bit fed up with you. You’ve managed to elude our medicine and our use of science. You’ve taken so many of my family. You’ve taken friends. I’ve seen so many friends and family suffer the pains of your presence. I’ve seen so many more suffer your pains by watching others experience it. We all cheer for joy when we find out you’ve left but you never seem to leave us alone for good. I’m sure you treasure your secrets as to what form you’ll take or when you’ll come back. However, what I treasure is that you can’t answer why you come. You’re but a means to a greater purpose. Have you ever noticed that some of your victims find complete rest apart from you and in the Lord? Who knows?–Someday you may catch me. I hope not; but if you do, just know that you got second best. You can steal this life but you can never take the next. As you see, Cancer, you’re going to lose one way or another.




5 Comments to “Dear Cancer…”

  1. Who created cancer by the way? I know you’ll answer the fall, but did the fall just happen, or did someone go around saying exactly what the fall would and would not cause–taking the legs off snakes, making labor pains, etc? Didn’t that person make cancer? And you want to worship him?

  2. Cancer, death, pain, hunger…these were all things we were never meant to experience until we fell short of the perfect glory of God in our disobedience. I, for one, cannot wait to get to heaven where that perfection is restored, a place where cancer can never get a foothold.

    Having lost several relatives and friends to cancer and helping several more who are fighting it tooth and nail, I concur with this post. Even it, the big bad C, serves a purpose. How many people have found Christ because of cancer? He indeed can use everything to bring about His greater, overarching purpose.

  3. 0_0

    What does this mean?!… are you okay?

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