The Philosophy of the Job Search

by Max Andrews

The following is a guest blog post by Doug Andrews.  Doug has been in retail for almost thirty years and is currently runs a side-project of assisting others get better jobs.  You can find more information at his website and you can follow him on Twitter at @JobCoachHQ.


The opportunity to write a guest blog is one I couldn’t pass up.

My background is from the business world.   I have a BS in Business Management from Bloomsburg University.   I have worked for 3 of the largest corporations in their respective industries, Foot Locker, Gateway Computers and for the past 10 years I have been with Barnes and Noble.  I have recently been publicly speaking on the topic of Interviewing.  I have a website that promotes my efforts to inform others of the job search process,

Oh yeah, I am Max Andrews’ father, too.

But how do I write an article about getting a job and make it applicable to this blog and its genre?  Many people who follow this blog are scientifically, philosophically, and theologically oriented.  Consider the degree[s] you possess and filter this information through the lens of your field.  Capitalize on your role in academia.  Don’t neglect your past published work and your future published work–these fields are competitive.  The more you learn the more you’ll realize how much you don’t know–that’s what will drive you academia.

I need a formula and then prove it to be true.

R+CL+MF+SM(3)+N-NA+M = J

Allow me to explain my theorem.

R = Resume     This is a given.  You must have a resume.   History shows us that resume were easy to design.  There was usually a set format and you just made yours fit.  Basically you could just fill in the blanks.   Modern resumes now show individuality.   There are a few important factors to keep in mind.  First, keywords are important, especially if there is a chance the resume may be scanned by a resume software program.  Second, it needs to demonstrate how your past experience will help the employer in the future.  Your resume needs to tell a story.  Third, it can not be longer than 2 pages.  Finally, tweak your resume to the employer.  Each resume you send out should reflect the job description of the organization.  The days of designing one resume and sending it out are gone.

CL = Cover Letter     Attached to most resumes should be a cover letter.  As with the resume, a cover letter should be written to reflect the job description.  Keep it short and to the point.   Make it actionable.   Ask for an interview.   Be sure to include all contact information.

MF = Mind Frame     Philosophically I am sure there are a plethora of geniuses and gurus that many of you follow to put yourself in the right mind frame.  What is clear is that you must have a positive, persistent, never give up attitude when searching for a job.   Finding a job is a challenging endeavor.   You will have your ups and downs.  Have your mind set that you will find a job!

SM(3)=Social Media (3)     Utilizing social media is an absolute when it comes to searching for a job.  The past practices of searching newspaper ads, sending out hundreds of resumes from results and knocking on doors is not the most effective method to finding a job.  You must be active with LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, minimally, to find a job.  The more you utilize social media the better the odds are of finding a job.

N=Networking      Recent surveys indicate that up to 80% of open positions are not even advertised.  The best method to find these jobs is via networking.   A misconception of networking is the definition.  Networking is NOT how many people you know.  The definition of networking is actually how many quality people know YOU.  Of those who know you, how many of them are out there supporting you and giving you leads to those hidden open positions.     When you are truly Networking, you are getting to know influential people.  Those influential people are then referring you to possible job openings they come across via their networking.    Consider your past professors, mentors, and advisors.  When you are researching for a paper or for whatever reason, shoot an email to the author and touch base with them.  Let them know you appreciate their work.  Usually, their contact information is included in the article somewhere.  Try to keep in touch with your network; don’t abuse the relationship.

NA=Negative Attitude     This is a job search killer.  A negative attitude will occur, you don’t have a job or you are seeking to improve your employment situation.   You need the MF to tackle any NA that comes along.   A great support system will assist you in overcoming NA.   Your family and friends are an essential part of your support system.  Use them.  Do not go through this job search process by yourself.

M=Mentor      The best method to achieving a goal is to find someone who has already done it.  Find an expert who is up to date on the latest trends and information.    A mentor can be in the form of a website, a local expert, a podcast or a combination of these assets.

J=JOB     Yes, finding a job is a formula.  It is difficult to find a job if you leave out any of the above components.  Is it possible?  Yes.  Is it likely?  No.  The best opportunity to get a job is to employ all of these factors to the best of your ability.

My website’s goal is to provide relevant information concerning resumes and interviewing.  Other areas of the job search formula are also discussed.

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Good Luck with your Job Search!


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