Resources on the Reasonable Faith UK Tour

by Max Andrews

William Lane Craig is starting off his UK Reasonable Faith Tour from October 17-26.  Below are some resources for information concerning the tour. (Thanks to drcraigvideos for the links and videos).

Websites on the UK Tour


Interviews on the Tour

Interview with Justin Brierley at Premiere Christian Radio in the UK

Interview with Kevin Harris with the Reasonable Faith Podcast

New Articles/Stories on the Tour

Richard Dawkins accused of cowardice for refusing to debate existence of God (The Telegraph)

BBC on “No Dawkins” Oxford Bus Campaign (BBC)

British Humanists Take to the Bunkers (Be Thinking)

Christian Philosopher William Lane Craig Is Ready to Debate, but Finds Few Challengers (Fox News)

Dawkins defends decision not to debate apologist William Lane Craig (Christianity Today)

Other Tour-Related YouTube Videos

Richard Dawkins’ Hypocrisy For Refusing to Debate William Lane Craig (download video here) 

Atheists Call Richard Dawkins a Coward for Not Debating William Lane Craig (download video here)

Who Does Richard Dawkins Fear Meeting in an Elevator? (download video here)

British Humanists (Toynbee, Dawkins, Grayling) Run from William Lane Craig (download video here)

Reasonable Faith UK Tour with William Lane Craig Oct. 17-26 (download video here)

Tour Schedule (RF October Newsletter)

Sunday 16th Possible early morning radio interview for BBC’s Sunday 
Possible TV interview later that morning. Day in London.
Monday 17th Possible radio interview for BBC’s Today Programme early am.
Probable Press Conference in Westminster late morning.
Westminster Central Hall, 7.30 pm: Debate with Stephen Law on “Does God Exist?”
Tuesday 18th Imperial College, 12.30 pm: web-streamed one hour lecture on “The Evidence for God.”
School of Oriental and African Studies, 6pm: one hour lecture on “A Moral Argument for the Existence of God.”
Wednes. 19th Travel by train to Cambridge. St. Andrew the Great Church,
7.30pm: Lecture: “The Origin of the Universe – Has Hawking eliminated God?”
Thursday 20th Free morning in Cambridge.
Cambridge Union Debate, 7.30pm. Motion is: “This House believes that God is not a Delusion.” With Peter S. Williams against Arif Ahmed and Andrew Copson.
Friday 21st Travel by car to Birmingham.
Great Hall of Birmingham University, 7.30pm: Debate on “Does God Exist?” with Prof. Peter Millican.
Saturday 22nd Early start around 6am, stopping for breakfast en route. Travel by car to London, arriving atWestminster Chapel for the first Bethinking National Day Conference. First lecture at 10am on “Deconstructing New Atheist Objections to the Arguments for God.” Second lecture at 4.00pm entitled “The Apologetic Task.”
About 8.30pm leave by car for Southampton. Arrive 10pm.
Sunday 23rd Possible early morning radio interviews at local BBC studio.
Day free.
Monday 24th Southampton Guildhall, 7.30pm: Lecture on “The Historicity of Jesus’ Resurrection.”
Tuesday 25th Travel by car to Oxford for early lunch.
OCCA, 12noon Graduate seminar on apologetics.
Sheldonian Theatre, 7.30pm: Lecture – or debate! – on “Is God a Delusion?”
Wednes. 26th Fly from Southampton Airport to Manchester in morning.
University of Manchester, 7.30pm: Debate with Peter Atkins on “Does God Exist?”

Additionally, I would encourage you to follow the Twitter accounts for Reasonable Faith (@RFupdates) and Justin Brierley (@UnbelievableJB).  Neither of them have said that they will provide moment by moment updates on the tour but I imagine there will be some updates coming from them.


2 Comments to “Resources on the Reasonable Faith UK Tour”

  1. Its gonna be a great week of events, I’m looking forward to going to the big debate tonight!

  2. Tell us your thoughts about the debate you attended!

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