In a World Without God, Will There be Justice for Caylee Anthony?

by Max Andrews

Little Caylee Anthony was almost three years old when she tragically died by drowning in a swimming pool (as claimed by her mother’s defense attorney).  Her mother, Casey Anthony, whom many believe murdered Caylee, was found not guilty of being responsible for her child’s death.  Suppose that Casey Anthony really did murder Caylee but she got away with it (some may argue that’s really the case).  If Caylee was murdered and it was ruled out as an accident or mere happenstance, where is justice?

A life without God means that there will be no ultimate recompense for evil.  What goes wrong may never be set right.  I’m not saying that if you don’t believe in God then there won’t be justice; what I’m saying is that if God does not exist there will be no justice.  This is more than just the Caylee Anthony case.  Without God, man is the measure of all things.  The court system is as good as it gets for justice.  What if as-good-as-it-gets doesn’t fulfill what we known it ought to be?  Even if a court system punishes someone for a crime, the knowledge of that crime is not exhaustive and can at best be partial.  Every party’s thoughts and motives are not known like God would know them if he were to exist.  Wrongs are still hidden from the eyes of men.

This is simply a sobering thought to consider.  If there is no God, there is no hope for justice.  The only reliance of compensating for wrongs are through one’s self.  Your evils will never be atoned for and you will die a petty person unjustified.  The evils that have been committed against you will never be atoned for either.  Without God, justice is ultimately illusory and we are left in a pathetic state of affairs.


11 Comments to “In a World Without God, Will There be Justice for Caylee Anthony?”

  1. Correction: Caylee’s Drowning in the Pool is not a Fact and has not been proven through Evidence.
    It was a desperate Attempt by the Defense Team to establish reasonable Doubt. Obviously it worked, the Jury bought it.
    As for the religious Aspect of Your Post, I rather not discuss Religion.
    People have a Right to believe what they want.
    Myself I believe there exist a Power higher than us, therefore there will be a Judgment Day for All of us someday, even for Casey Anthony.

    • Thanks for commenting Hilde. No correction needed. I’m not saying I believe she drowned in the pool, that’s just want Casey’s attorney claimed. I just put together the hypotheticals with what is “claimed” to have been the case. I think the best evidence is that she was murdered by her mother, I agree.

      • sophie, that is a good Way looking at it.
        Something positive will come out of this Tragedy after All, if Caylee’s Law will pass,
        I believe it will.

  2. If Caylee’s Law is passed, then she did not live and die in vain. Maybe this was her purpose. Perhaps countless children will be saved that otherwise would not have been who have a mother like Casey…too young and immature to be a parent. Perhaps knowing the consequence in advance will prevent at least one avoidable tragedy. Perhaps karmically, this is why Casey went free. If she’d been given life in prison, it very well could be that no one would have felt an immediate need to get a law like this passed.

  3. Max, thanks for clarifying the Drowning Remark
    After I submitted my Comment, I realized what You meant, it was to late by then. 😳

  4. It is true, in a world without God, (ie reality), there is no “ultimate justice” for every wrong. Like all the other unpleasant realities of life, we must accept that some people will do evil to others, and get away with it. In such a world, we must accept the possibility that Hitler and many of his top commanders slipped into a quiet peaceful death and will never ever pay for the horrendous human pain and suffering they caused. It is unpalatabe. It is unjust. It is sickening at times. But, it is reality. We cannot make reality fit into our neat little preconceived ideals about justice and fairness, by simply inventing Gods and spirits and after-lives. Reality is simply is what it is.

  5. But let us suppose, for the sake of argument, that God (specifically the Christian God) DOES exist, and there is a Hell of eternal torture. Further, let us assume that Casey Anthony DID murder her daughter. Let’s put aside for the moment, any mitigating human factors that may have led her to such a selfish and evil choice. And let us assume that Casey will be punished in this God’s Hell. From the first second after her death, Casey Anthony will be plunged into a fiery pit, where her flesh will be burned and melted off her body, her very bones consumed by the searing heat and flames, and she will feel every agonizing pang as each nerve ending is seared and consumed by fire. Then, without any respite, her flesh and bones will be restored, and she will burn again. 5000 years from now, 5 million, 5 trillion years from now, her suffering will not have even started. Every second of her existence will be unimaginable, intolerable pain and agony, throughout the endless, interminable canyons of eternity. Forever and forever and forever. Only unendurable pain and suffering. All at the hands of a “loving” and “merciful” creator God. Let’s flip it around. Is THIS justice?

    • Thanks for your response, Greg. It seems your question is loaded with a lot of doctrinal particulars on what the physical experience of hell is actually like. I do believe there is a resurrection of the righteous and unrighteous (Dan. 7) so the next life isn’t just immaterial states. However, I don’t believe the biblical authors who refer to Hades and Hell are describing eschatological lawn furniture. I’d recommend the book Four Views on Hell. I believe the descriptions of hell or metaphorical. It’s a literal place and experience but I don’t believe there will be literal flames. In fact, I think there are good biblical reasons for why the physics of the new creation will be different (you can check out my small group lessons on the new creation in the tab up top). So, how chemical combustion and all that will work, I’m not too sure, it could be the same, similar, or completely different. I’d also refer you to my post on a philosophical case for the existence of an eternal hell I did in the wake of all the Rob Bell gittup. Let me know your thoughts. Also, conceding the point that if God does not exist, where do you see justice if there is? Thanks Greg 🙂

  6. [If God does not exist,] [y]our evils will never be atoned for and you will die a petty person unjustified. The evils that have been committed against you will never be atoned for either. Without God, justice is ultimately illusory and we are left in a pathetic state of affairs.

    I do not think justice is necessarily illusory without God. Justice is still a real concept, but it remains a mere concept since there is no divine justice on an atheistic worldview. What this concept maps to and involves can vary, but I do not see why you think evils are never atoned for if God does not exist. Under atheism, the only life one lives is here on Earth: thus, a life sentence or the death penalty is the ultimate price within naturalism.

    If you mean what I think you mean when you say “ultimate justice,” I want to add there is no “ultimate” under atheism. If that’s not what you meant, then what did you mean?

    To add a point for discussion, why would there be more justice in a theistic world than in an atheistic world? For the sake of this discussion, let us assume that justice and morality are meaningful in an atheistic world.

    (Note: I do not agree with all of your “If God doesn’t exist, then Y in atheist world” assertions. If God does not exist, you cannot tell a person what they ought to desire. Morality loses all its potency in an atheistic world.)

  7. As someone who followed the case 24/7 and read anything I could find: this is the choice I had. There was a body with no positive evidence of murder except that it was left as the family pets were. Then there was the grandfather who was a known liar and gambler and ex-cop who once assaulted his father. I could believe Casey was a bad seed or a victim of sexual abuse. Then there was the child in life: hundreds of pictures were shown of a well-cared for child who could count to 20 in Spanish and who’s mother, who was a tramp and a thief and seemed mentally ill because she lived in a fantasy world, had one good quality because no one is all bad: She used flash cards also, to teach her child. No one ever called DSS. Everyone said she was a good mother. So, with that I had to believe that the child drowned. Now the prosecution asked who’s life is better with Caylee gone. Casey is in hiding and George is on his second cruise to the Bahamas in case his supporters worried that he might go to jail for molestation. Melinda Duckett committed suicide after being on the Nancy Grace Show. She was also a Florida mother many thought must have killed her son. Along comes Casey Anthony. If a stranger had been taking Florida’s children then poor Melinda would be INNOCENT. The Media just couldn’t have it. All the barage of pictures and videos of Caylee Anthony worked the public into a frenzy. No one would send money to a charity if the child simply drowned. Of course the state wasn’t ready to prosecute Casey Anthony but they caved. Why else would they use new junk science and a bogus claim of 84 chloroform searches? Then the best doctor in the world says the skull should have been cut open but that might have indicated that there really was a drowning. The Media gave such a big show that our own constitution came into question. The Media who showed the pictures over and over and over told the vigilantees: Don’t take the law into your own hands. But by that time the jury would see that they weren’t welcome in one restaurant for starters and now Casey Anthony’s life is in danger.
    We are supposed to respect our system of justice in America. Hey, it hasn’t always worked in my life. But I still know it’s better than living in Saudi Arabia where they have your trial without your presence in case they need a head start on your head for beheading after being found guilty. If you believe in God you can’t stalk Casey Anthony and call it reporting or whatever. Until a person feels guilt you can’t make them feel it through punishment or shame. It is entirely up to them. And it could just be that she doesn’t feel guilty because she did not kill her little girl. She drowned.

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