Watson Doesn’t Know He Won Jeopardy

by Max Andrews

UC Berkeley Professor of Philosophy John Searle chimed in on Jeopardy’s recent episode where a computer competed against the show’s two winningest contestants.  Searle illustrates his objection to AI claims with his famous Chinese Room thought experiment.  His insight is interesting and, I believe, true when it comes to artificial intelligence (never mind the lack of an immaterial mind, that’s beside the point).

See the Wall Street Journal Wednesday Feb. 23, 2011 article.


One Comment to “Watson Doesn’t Know He Won Jeopardy”

  1. Congrats IBM for making a computer smarter than a human! And to GM for making a car faster than a human and to the designers of drills for making a computer that can control a drill to dig oil wells faster and deeper than a human. But, can they think? Emotions, Logic, even Common Sense? Humans win!

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