Thoughts on the Third and Fourth Level Multiverse

by Max Andrews

Level III Multiverse:  Many Worlds Hypothesis (MWH) of quantum mechanics.  Every possible particle interaction outcome actually happens.  Every particle interaction that is not observed in the universe that we observe actually happens  in another that is “split” from this one.

Level IV Multiverse:  The Ultimate Ensemble.  This consists of any conceivable parallel universe and any set of mathematical descriptions to describe the physical laws.

These theories are quite interesting in and of themselves.  It is very thought-provoking within the fine-tuning realm of discussion, where it tends to get the most attention.  What’s more interesting is how this would pertain to dualism (materiality and immateriality) and divine omniscience.  I have not seen any research on the issues I have, which is why I intend to study this for my graduate thesis.  I have a few questions and problems concerning these multiverse interpretations…

  1. How can dualism be true if either third or fourth level multiverse interpretations are true? (From here on when I refer to “multiverse” I am referring to the third and fourth level).  Let’s assume that there is an immaterial self and a person is not merely an ensemble of physical reactions.  If I am a mind then there is a non-physical aspect that relates to my physical body.  If every [physical] quantum interaction actually happens then how would that relate to the [non-physical] mind?  If my body exists in other universes/dimensions then where is my mind? If the multiverse is true, is it a defeater of dualism?
  2. Suppose there is no conflict with dualism, does the multiverse make salvific universalism actual?  If every possible circumstance happens do all come to repentance and trust  in Jesus Christ?
  3. Follow up to 2, does the multiverse make salvation impossible?  If every possible circumstance happens, did Jesus die making salvation possible?
  4. Is the multiverse a defeater of divine middle knowledge?  Moment 1 of God’s knowledge (natural knowledge) God knows every necessary truth and possibility (moments are logical moments not chronological).  Moment 3 (free knowledge), God knows what is happening and what will happen.  In between the two moments, middle knowledge, God knows everything that would happen given any set of circumstances (everything in the subjunctive mood, usually associated with human free agency).  If in the multiverse every possible outcome actually happens are there no logical moments other than God’s first moment, natural knowledge?  Perhaps God knows what would happen given a particular universe but that only seems to push the question back one step.

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One Comment to “Thoughts on the Third and Fourth Level Multiverse”

  1. I am aware of three verses:

    The Universe, the Multiverse, and the Omniverse. This is actually essentially the same thing that Molinism covers, the Natural Knowledge, Middle Knowledge, and Free Knowledge. the Omniverse would be the Natural Knowledge: in other words, all things that could happen. then the Multiverse would be all things that would happen. And the Universe would be all things that will happen. I do realize that this is not necessary what Multiverse means when used, but I see this as very similar if not what it means in some contexts. But, in the context of your post, and some other posts i have read, it would seem the belief of some is that there is actually more than one Multiverse that is a Universe (I may not be saying this right, but I think you will understand me). In other words, according to these theorists, instead of just one possible universe actualized, there
    are multiple universes actualized, and they link together. The problem with this idea though is that the definition of the Universe is all that actually exists. So, by very definition, if there are these alleged multiple universes, they would actually only be one Universe, because the definition of Universe is the entirety of that which is actual. according to, universe: “everything that exists anywhere.”

    You said the following: “If my body exists in other universes/dimensions then where is my mind?”

    My response: I believe that every soul must be created. I believe Max’s soul is a unique soul, and that Yahuwah is not able to make an infinite number of souls, but there is only a finite number of souls to create, and I believe He has chosen to create every soul that exists; only He knows that number, but I believe it is philosophically necessarily to do such. Our minds are our unique identity. It is not interchangeably. It is a set component, and so, your mind would be identifiable to Yahuwah in any possible universe that could exist. With this established, we now discuss whether or not multiple of the same mind can exist. I believe this is impossible logically speaking. For one thing, a mind is immaterial, as you yourself pointed out with the assumption given which I agree with. Its not like with material, where you fill space with matter. The mind is conceptual; eternal. In the same way that the concept of truth can only be one, the same way your mind can only be one. there are some things that simply cannot be added. Any attempt to mathematically alter such things will lead not to adding or subtracting, because by very definition, you are not adding or subtracting. In actuality, you are multiplying by one. Let’s take the definition of universe i posted earlier: “everything that exists anywhere.” It is impossible to make this anything more or less than the one that it is. Because, notice that if we were to attempted to add a second definition of universe, this is what we would get: (let “everything that exists” be represented by the variable “U”) U Y U= X. We add those two together, and what do we get? X=U. Mathematically, since U Y U= U, this would mean that the variable Y means times/”multiplied by”. So, in other words, U times U equals U. And this is only possible if the value of U equals the number one. So, one times one equals one. Now, it must be noted that for a plurality of something to exist, there MUST be a distinction. As such, any thing where an attempt at asserting its plurality would result in no distinction whatsoever, would prove that that thing cannot exist in plurality, but only in singularity. Thus, the definition of the universe, it being a set, is a set in such a way that attempting to assert the plurality of that set would have absolutely NO meaning whatsoever. Anything that is meaningless simply cannot exist by very definition. Now, to connect it to the point i’m making: I believe that a mind is such that an attempt to make a plurality of a specific mind would result in no distinction whatsoever, and would prove that that specific mind cannot exist in plurality. I must however say at this point that my theology is very much dependent upon my philosophy of time, which also is relevant to this particular issue, and so I bring that up now. It is the existence of time travel. For example, let us state that I were to travel into the future and visit my future self. Now, let’s ask here: is there a plurality of that specific mind? On the surface, one may be inclined to say yes, but the truth is, there is not a plurality of that specific mind. Why not? Because the future version of myself that i visit is the same mind as mine, with no distinction whatsoever. This may be hard to grasp at first how time travel would be different than multiverses, but i believe if you think about it enough, you’ll come to the same conclusion that there are two completely different things.

    You said: “If the multiverse is true, is it a defeater of dualism?”

    My response: Yes, I believe if the multiverse was true, it would by definition defeat dualism. HOWEVER, logically speaking, it is impossible for dualism to be false, and therefore, any denial of dualism would be self-defeating and thus illogical.

    You said: “Suppose there is no conflict with dualism, does the multiverse make salvific universalism actual?”

    My response: What would happen is essentially that there would be universal salvation and condemnation actual. Every mind would be condemned and saved at the same time. Which is of course a contradiction, and thus illogical, and it does in fact conflict with dualism.

    You said: “Follow up to 2, does the multiverse make salvation impossible? If every possible circumstance happens, did Jesus die making salvation possible?”

    My response: It would make every Yahushua’s atonement made salvation possible and did not make salvation possible, it was necessary for all minds to be saved and unnecessary for all minds to be saved. Again, a contradiction =).

    You said: “Is the multiverse a defeater of divine middle knowledge?”

    My response: It would essentially conflate all three knowledges together. The natural, middle, and free knowledge would be one and the same, because if what you described as the multiverse was true, then everything that could happen, would happen, and will happen. What a mess!

    I hope you have appreciated this post. It is very long, as all my posts tend to be, but that’s probably my asperger syndrome =). Thanks for the post; I enjoyed it.

    -Andrew Carlson

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